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Acrylic Skins Class is Coming Up Again on Sep 14 & 21 Join Us!

Acrylic Skins Class: How to Make Them and Use Them.
Sep. 14 & 21, 9 am to Noon
Sedona Arts Center
Register Online

Acrylic Skins class is Coming Up Again on Sep 14 & 21 Join Us!

The first Acrylic Skins class was so much fun that I will do it again this month. Join us on two Wednesdays from 9 am to Noon on Sep. 14 & 21 at the Sedona Arts Center.

This class will give you knowledge and hands-on experience in making and using acrylic skins. You will also be able to use them in a painting.

How Can You Use an Acrylic Skin?

Acrylic Skins can be used as collage elements in your acrylic and mixed-media art projects. Whether you use all acrylic with paints and gel mediums or embed found objects in them, it's a process that is super versatile.

It's just plain fun! 

Experimentation is where's it at during this process. On the first day, I'll show you many different techniques and ways of creating your skins. And then, you will be able to create 3-5 skins during class.

On the 2nd day of class, you will use your skins on a painting to take home with you. It might not get completely finished, but it will be well on its way for you to work on once you return home. This process is addicting!

Acrylic Skin Ready for Art Project

Join us!

Register and pay online. Or email for information, registration, and payment arrangements.

Materials are extra. A Materials list will be provided upon registration.

See you then!

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Praise for the Class

It was great fun. Thank YOU! I enjoyed just playing rather than being too focused on perfection. Day 2 was so much fun!!! –K.W., Sedona, AZ
Awesome workshop! I really enjoyed it. Everyone seemed to have so much fun. I know I did. DelightfulThanks!  –E.H., Sedona, AZ

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