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On Becoming a Green Artist

Digital image created by me. The Journey.

On Becoming a Green Artist 

For the last two weeks, I have been investigating the environmental impact that I might be making upon our glorious earth through my art making process. It’s a gigantic topic! Phew.


Integrity Rabbit Hole

During the first post, I was interested in the idea of Integrity and the artist. How far down the Integrity Rabbit Hole must the artist travel in order to protect our environment? My answer is that we must travel as far down as we can until it no longer makes sense. If there is a curiosity, we must follow it. As artists, we are the forerunners of bringing awareness to social consciousness.

Digital image by me. The Great Beyond is Calling.

For me personally, this has been an evolutionary process that began with the food I eat, becoming more cognizant of where that food comes from and how it gets to my table. I love animals and can no longer bear the fact that animals are being treated cruelly and then violently killed to put food on my table. 

And, then, there are the people that work in the meat industry. What an awful job that must be, one that surely instills, breeds, and justifies violence in the name of nurturing our bodies. That scenario no longer makes sense to me. I have switched to a vegan diet except for one item, honey. I have not given that up yet. This has been a progression of eliminating certain foods to come more in alignment with my values and integrity. 

Unlimited Potential, The Fool. Digital image by me.
Once we become aware of an issue, it is our responsibility to do the right thing as we see it. We also need to allow our values and truths to change over time because they do. We must bring our actions in alignment with our values. Read that article here.

Once we become aware of an issue, it is our responsibility to do the right thing as we see it.

Acrylic Paint: Is it Environmentally Friendly

The second article was looking at the question of whether my medium of choice, acrylic paint, is environmentally friendly. My answer to this second issue of acrylic paint being environmentally friendly is that it is not. Read more here.

My Research Continues on Becoming A Green Artist 

There is so much wrapped up around this issue that it will take me some time to continue my research on becoming a green artist. I hope this topic is of interest to you either as an art collector or a fellow artist. I will be reporting back here with more information as I gather it.

Energy Motion Infinity. Digital image by me. 

Questions to Discover

What interests me is the process of making art, not about creating images that convey messages about the impact mankind is making upon the natural world. It starts with the artist. 
  • What materials can the artist use to lessen the footprint upon our environment? 
  • How are we creating our art: i.e., are we creating with toxic materials, in a toxic environment, in toxic ways? 
  • Are we protecting ourselves from the toxicity of the materials we are using? 
  • If we are using toxic materials, how are we lessening the impact not only to ourselves, but to the environment?
  • What are the alternatives?

Next Week:

Stay tuned for next’s article where I will explore this topic a little deeper. My first area of concern is how I can lessen my impact while using acrylic paints. If I cannot, then what are the alternative media that I need to think about switching to.

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