Thursday, January 17, 2008

So Cute!

Well, I think this design is so cute. I just created another online store at called It's My Time. Isn't that a great title? It reminds me that my time is my own time, or at least to seize control of it in that way. I think it is also a cute design for expecting mothers. Check it out at

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Writing a Business Plan

I attended a class at the Small Business Development center today in Silver City. The class was on how to write a business plan. I'm determined to make a go of it in my art career. I want to make money from selling my art and printed reproductions on the web. Please buy my stuff. Thank you. I look forward to knowing more about the business end of things. I have an appointment set up for next week to begin the process....

Monday, January 14, 2008

Whew--More Work on Store

Wow. This online store is a lot of work and addicting. I added two new sections tonight: clocks and small framed prints. I'm happy with the quality of products that I'm adding. I think the store is looking better. I'm constantly upgrading and simplifying. Here are samples of new products in my store.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

AdWords and my Store

I have taken the plunge with paid online advertising with Adwords by Google for my online store at, I have been diligently upgrading and simplifying this store in hopes that when people do click on my ad, they will like what they see. I'm working hard at making it easy :) to find things in the store. This is a challenge as I said in a previous post. I've pictured a couple of products that I'm proud of -- 2008 Southwest Calendar, Simplicity Mouse pad, Simplicity Large Mug, and Simplicity Tile Coaster.

Deming, New Mexico Arts Scene

Yesterday I drove to Deming which is a 45-minute ride east on 180 from Silver City. I went to the art opening at the Arts Council. I will be doing a show there in 2009 so wanted to check out the space. The quilt artist who was exhibiting came from Elephant Butte to do the show. I chatted with a few of the board members. Also, in attendance were a couple of women artists from Las Cruces. I saw them again when I went to the gallery two doors down from the Arts Council at the Gold Street Gallery. Don Ross, the owner, lives and works in the 10,000 square foot space. I like most of the art in the gallery, including Don's work. I showed him my postcard and business card. He liked what he saw and invited me to bring a few paintings in when I get a chance. I'll bring them by next Saturday. He says that the gallery is doing quite well because of their location right off highway 10 and next to a coffee shop. We'll see.... I liked Don's non-conventional attitude and business sense.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Busy Updating & Refining My Websites

Whew. Websites are a LOT of work! I had a really good session with some talented ladies yesterday. They gave me great advice on refining my websites to make them more user-friendly. I think this is a challenge for most webmasters, especially when it is our own website. We are too close to the situation to really see it with fresh eyes. So, I'm currently updating and simplifying my store. Then, I'll get to my Mary's Fine Art website. The advice is to try to keep it "two clicks" away or less, taking out the layers I have built into both of these sites. It made perfect sense to me, the artist, keeping all of my series and paintings in separate categories. Apparently on the user end, this is not such a good idea. Okay, back to work. Ta ta.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Postcard for Seeking Gallery Representation

I have ordered my over sized postcard to send to galleries seeking representation for my southwest landscape paintings. I placed my order with They will come in around Jan. 28 at which point I can begin mailing them out. I researched Tubac, Arizona yesterday. I will research Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Las Cruces this month. In that way, I'll have a list of galleries prepared for mailing when I do receive my postcards.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Seeking Sales & Representation

Today I'm seeking sales of my paintings and gallery representation. I'm working up an over sized postcard to send to Tubac, Arizona galleries to help launch my art career. See the pictures below for what my postcard looks like.

ARTIST STATEMENT ON POSTCARD READS: Since moving to the Southwest in July of 2006 from the Northeast, I have redirected my painting from inner symbolism to observation of the outside world. In pioneering mode, my new art is an adventure in exploring, seeing, expressing, expanding possibilities, and discovering new frontiers. The southwest landscape has captured my heart and imagination. I honor Nature in every new painting that I make partaking in a joyous symbiotic love affair. I work in oil, acrylic, and mixed media. I prefer working large (36" x 60") and am creating small works right now (8" x 10"). Mary A. Gravelle

Please see my website for more information,
Phone: (575) 956-7315

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Recap of 2007 -- Quite a Successful Year for My Art

  • 3 Exhibits Showing My Paintings During 7 Months in 2007
  • 4 Paintings Sold
  • New Fine Art Website Created,
  • Newspaper Articles Written
  • Painted 19 Paintings on New Subject: Southwest Landscape


1. Feb. 2007 -- Show at the Barn Gallery, Rancho Linda Vista, Oracle, Arizona
2. July 1 thru Sep. 30, 2007 -- Show at the Twisted Vine, Silver City, New Mexico
3. Oct. 5 thru Dec. 31, 2007 -- Show at the College Avenue Collection, Silver City, New Mexico -- SOLD TWO PAINTINGS

<-->SOLD FOUR PAINTINGS -- Pictured Below:

<--> Two Paintings Became Part of the College Avenue Collection:

<-->Newspaper Articles were Written:
Visit this link:

<--> I develped and published my first fine art e-commerce website,

<--> I painted, painted, painted.
I have completed 19 paintings since I left Connecticut on July 1, 2006. These were new painting adventures changing my style from abstract symbolism to outside observation of the southwest landscape. I don't know if that sounds like a lot to any of you. Believe me, it is a lot considering I moved cross country from Connecticut to Tucson, Arizona and then to Silver City, New Mexico where I have moved three times! This includes packing, moving, and two storage spaces. I have been mobile and yet have remained committed to my art.

<--> In addition to the art, I have fallen in love four times and broken up four times! Talk about creating and moving on ..... Whew, what a year!