Wednesday, April 16, 2008

DVD Movie Review of Mary Cassatt: A Brush with Independence

Mary Cassatt's art as well as her life is very inspiring especially for the female artist. I was quite intrigued with her story as it unfolded on this DVD. Born an American, Mary Cassatt was a very independent woman and artist, a real trailblazer. She went to France alone before she turned 21 as she felt an importance in being trained in Europe where the "real" art was happening. The way she went about acquiring her art skills and building her artistic career and reputation is really inspiring for me. Her art is touching to view. Her colors, rich. The movie itself is a little dry and yet interesting and visually appealing. Mary Cassatt's story is worthy of hearing. Her art is worthy of seeing. I recommend this DVD.

Monday, April 14, 2008

DVD--Alex Grey: The Healing Power of Sacred Art

I recently watched my 2nd Alex Grey DVD ordered from NetFlix, ARTMind: The Healing Power of Sacred Art.

It was a little more difficult to watch than the House of Sacred Mirrors DVD. He was talking a lot; however, I truly enjoyed it. It just took me a little longer to absorb it. I watched it twice so I could soak up his message and write down notes. Alex speaks very well with a fantastic vocabulary and extensive knowledge of life and sacred art. Of special interest to me was his sharing with us of the artists who have inspired him. I found this to be truly helpful. I will research those artists for further inspiration in my own art.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New Artists Street Marketplace in Silver City

I attended the 2nd meeting of the new artists marketplace today. The turnout was disappointing. Plans and details are moving along, however. We are all set for May 3 or May 10 opening.

I wonder if I fit into this venue. They might be adding flea market and recycling stuff. This is okay; however, for a fine artist, not a good fit. People will be looking for bargains. My art is not going to be marked at bargain prices--good and fair prices, not bargain prices. I value what I do and want to send the right message for me and other artists.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Three More Paintings Have Been Added to my Gallery

I have added three paintings to my gallery which sells my paintings as prints, framed prints, and prints on canvas.

Simplicity, Serenity, and The Enlightening (pictured in order below)

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