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Is Acrylic Paint Environmentally Friendly?

I Love My Acrylic Paints, studio set up in Tucson, AZ, 2013.
In last week's article, I said that I would research acrylic paints and report back with their impact upon the environment. I found so much other information about how artists can go green in their studio, including information about acrylic paints. So, I'll stick with the original idea for now. I'll report in future blog posts what this research is bringing to my awareness. I wonder what impact my art making activities are making upon the environment. How can we artists ensure that we are making eco-friendly choices in our art making process?

To Use Acrylic Paints or Not to Use Acrylic Paints?

To answer the question in the title of this post, no, acrylic paints are not friendly to the environment. This is my opinion now after reading an article on It says,
"acrylic paint is a petroleum-derived polymer, i.e. plastic... just buying them contributes to our reliance on petroleum.”
Mixing palette with acrylic paints, 2016. Braylee Rush.
Yikes! I certainly do not want to contribute to our reliance on petroleum and all that it entails. So... as an avid acrylic painter, I might be making a switch.

It seems like the choices so far, as I gather my research are water-soluble oil paints, making my own paints, or oil paints–but avoiding turpentine and certain toxic colors.

The research continues...

Do you have any information to share about the impact upon the environment and acrylic paints? Do you have any information on being an eco-friendly artist? Please share! :-)

Source of Research and Articles of Interest:

Artists Paints–Is Oil or Acrylic Friendlier to the Environment?

Tips for the Eco Friendly Artist

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