Monday, April 6, 2015

Technology is a Great Distraction

I did not realize just how much time I spend on my computer until it blacked out on me on Friday. I was in the middle of signing up for yet another free webinar when the screen just went black. I could not get it to come back.

So what's an artist to do when the computer goes on the blink? I discovered that I had been paying more attention to techology than hands-on art making. Out came the art supplies along with a renewed vigor and passion for getting my hands dirty.

I sketched with soft pastels which I had not used in years. I painted some more on a painting I have been working on for months... apparently and getting distracted by the computer.

I took out the three plywood panels I had been wanting to do some mixed media work on. They received an experimental coating of spackle mixed with gel gloss medium to fill in the grooves and add texture.

I am writing this blog on my mobile phone. Please excuse any misspellings. I see no evidence that the spell checker is working.

So, what about you? Have you ever been distracted by technology? How have you overcome it?

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