Monday, April 13, 2015

Is the Backside of the Art Piece Important?

Does the backside of an artwork deserve the artist's tender loving care? Or does it not really matter because no one is looking at it?

During the recent breakdown of my computer, I spent some tender loving care to the backsides of the three pieces of wood I mentioned in last week's post.

I have sanded, done a couple coats of gesso, sanded some more, and finished with a couple coats of Titanium white mixed with clear gloss medium. They await the gesso coats to the front, then for painting magic to happen. Ah, the tantalizing art-making process.

I have derived great satisfaction by paying attention to the backsides of these pieces. It's most likely due to the fact that they are wood. I don't pay that much attention to the backsides of a canvas. But, maybe I will next time.

I think it's all part of the process. Putting love into the art piece every step of the way feels good. I'm sure that love will be felt through the finished piece.

Head on over to my art website and see if you can feel the love emanating from my other paintings. Perhaps you would like to bring the love home?

So, what do you think? Is the backside as important or at least to some degree as important to the final art piece?

Until Next Week

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Mary Gravelle
(Brianna Rush)
Sir Kitty
About the author: Brianna Rush (Mary Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty.

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