Monday, April 20, 2015

New Work in Process See its Beginning Stage

I finally laid some paint down on one of the three pieces of wood I have been lovingly preparing.

Yesterday, I worked with two layers. I was not sure how the texture I applied underneath would work out. It's looking like a landscape painting at this point. We'll see what happens as it progresses.

I really love the process of experimenting with process. The experiment on this painting is laying down the texture in the foundational stages.

The texture experiment was combining spackling (the stuff used to fill nail holes on the wall) with gel medium. I wondered if it would be like light molding paste. I think it has very similar texture. It is less absorbent. I painted gesso over it so the absorbency left somewhat, which I like.

The process part is putting paint on and then taking some of it off and repeating the process. It gives the painting a sort of worn feeling producing less predictable outcomes. I like that process and also love the results.

What do you think so far?

Until Next Week

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Mary Gravelle
(Brianna Rush)
Sir Kitty
About the author: Brianna Rush (Mary Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty.

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