Monday, July 25, 2011

The Muse is Waiting

Number 2: The Presence of the Other. Acrylic on Wood.
24 x 24 inches. SOLD. ©2008 Mary A. Gravelle. To purchase
a giclee print, click here.
Recently I began painting again after almost nine months off. To my amazement, the Muse is still with me!

My dreams during the last two nights were about painting. In the first dream, I was the artist doing very cool paintings hanging out with very cool people (of course! ;-)). In last night's dream, I was asked to look over a stack of paintings by a retired painting professor who was preparing for his retrospective.

My excuse for not painting is that I have been in art school. It never felt like I had time to paint for myself given the myriad of school projects to complete. I managed to paint one painting for myself last year. That was Sir Kitty at Home, a 36 x 60 inch acrylic painting on canvas.

So, my inspiring message to you dear artist is that the Muse is waiting. She is waiting for you to show up to your process. She is never the one that forsakes us. No, we ignore her effectively shutting her out. How can we listen and hear her prodding when we don’t show up to our creative process?

My inspiring message to the art collectors out there is to keep doing your job of appreciating the artist's work. If you have a favorite artist that seems to be stuck, prod them to just show up. If you know an artist that does show up, pat them on the back and tell them to keep showing up.

Is this your experience too? Do you find that merely showing up invites the Muse into your creative process? If not, why? How do you invite her in

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