Friday, July 1, 2011

Is Creativity Learned?

Is creativity something you can call forth? Do you need to believe that you are creative to be creative? Is everyone creative or is it something that you are born with?

I believe that the creative spark can hit when we are receptive in some way. I seem to be most creative when I am full of wonder and curiosity. The questions that arise from this state seem to invite the bubbling forth of ideas. That seems to really get the creative process rolling.

When I begin a new painting or painting series, this is what happens. First, I begin noticing my current interests and intrigues. That leads me to curiosity and wonder about those subjects. I begin researching which leads to more questions. The process can be quite lengthy at times until the questions subside. Then there is an incubation period where all of this research and the answers coalesce. This is a space of the unknown or gestation. I just let ideas percolate and come to the surface. Then, these new ideas run through my filter of what I know about these subjects. The juxtaposition of what I know and what I just learned churn the creative process and bring forth something new.

What do you think about creativity? How do you get the juices rolling?

Image shown here: Number 3: Quintessential Creativity, 24" x 24", mixed-media on wood. ©2011 Mary A. Gravelle. Available. Email for more information on purchasing this original artwork.

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