Monday, August 1, 2011

Essence Painting in Process

Essence of Mary Alice Rush. Stage One

Stage 2. Tree branches filled out.
Rainbow whited out.
First of all, for those who have been reading my blog, you most likely see that I changed the look. I hope you like the change. Let me know.

In January I received a spirit message to create Essence of You paintings. This idea backfired on me at that time.

I have decided to paint the Essence of Me and discover the process for painting the Essence of You (i.e. someone else).

I'm using my birth name in the title of this painting since I believe that my true essence has not changed. I was most likely born with it. And you were born with your true essence intact too.

The Being on upper right of the painting is from an Igniting drawing I did 9/20/06. When I was figuring out what my essence might look like, she popped into my head that she is my essence.

That is all I would like to say at this time about my essence. I would like to hear your comments and ideas on the idea of Essence paintings. Do you think you would consider commissioning me to do an Essence of YOU painting for you with your input? Or would you prefer to hire me as a Painting Guide to help you paint your own Essence painting?
Stage 3. Left column and its foot rounded out.

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