Monday, July 11, 2011

Who are you as an artist?

This past weekend a friend called my reputation as being an artist into question. He told me that I am not up to his level as an artist. He informed me that I could never get into a high-end gallery like he has. Egotistical nastiness and comparison was in his voice. He continued to tell me that if I could not see that, then I had a problem.

Okaaaay……..   and Ouch!

So now I am questioning who I am as an artist. Why am I going to art school? What do I expect to achieve through my art and with my art? How far do I really want my art to go? What kind of deep commitment level am I really ready to give to my art?

Do I want to see my art in a museum? Do I want my art to be represented in Santa Fe, New York, Los Angeles, or any other hothouse of art activity?

Or do I just want to paint and not worry whether it sells or not? Is it important to convey some sort of meaning or message through my art? Am I doing art for my own sake and sanity? Does anyone else even care if I do my art?

In a way this is beneficial to where I am right now. It is always good to question who we are and what we are doing and why.

How about you? Who are you as an artist? Where do you want your art to take you? Where do you want to take your art? Do you want to be famous locally, at the state level, national or international level? Do you want to sell your art or just create it?

Above image: Triangle Fire, mixed media on wood, 36 x 36 inches. Available. Collectors and galleries, contact me if interested.

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