Saturday, December 7, 2013

Will Sell Art for Money

Especially during this time of year, I see many different forms of fundraising, including panhandlers. I have often wanted to grab a torn piece of cardboard and make myself a sign.

Given the status and often romantic image of the Starving Artist, I thought of it as fitting. Then, I would compete for a place to stand, hold my sign, and wait for my jar to fill up with cash.

As an artist, I work for money just like any other profession. However, I see the general consensus of our culture that seems to think that the work of the artist is merely play. As a product of this culture, I have bought into this belief and romantic grief-stricken notion that I must suffer as an artist.

So, here is my sign. Please send cash. This will elevate my status and renew my belief that I too can earn a living from doing important work in the world. Or, if you prefer, buy the print at