Saturday, December 21, 2013

Committed to my Art

Commitment in the Clouds.Digital  Phone Art.
Copyright 2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.
True confessions... I committed to my art, officially to myself, on September 4, 2013. Ever since, I seem to have gone underground. So, what's going on? Why have I not been able to come to the surface and perform?

I will just throw my thoughts out here since it is my blog about my art notes and thoughts. So... it must be because deep down inside somewhere I don't believe that I deserve to prosper from doing what I love. I seem to have effectively punished myself for the past 3-1/2 months.

Fly Free, Digital Phone Art.
Copyright 2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.
I have done a couple of very small plain air paintings, on recycled cardboard of all things. I must have bought into the "starving artist" syndrome and internalized it on a deep level.

I packed up everything, placed most of it in storage, and moved from Tucson to Prescott, and landed in Cottonwood, Arizona.  I still don't have all of my art supplies and canvases in one place.

I have allowed my thoughts, my commitment, my self-confidence to waiver. I think I have been shrinking myself so I didn't have to actually live up to my highest art potential. Ouch! On some level, I have been playing small for a long time and especially since I profoundly made the commitment to self and to my art. I must step up to the plate, stand tall, take back my power. I am a creator, after all!

Shrinking Backward While Taking Steps Forward.
Digital Phone Art.
Copyright 2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.
The Torch is Lit, I'm on my Way!
Digital Phone Art.
Copyright 2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.
Okay, in my own defense, as I'm posting my phone art images on this post, I realize that I have not stopped creating altogether. I have been wildly creating new phone art. So, perhaps, I have not been totally underground. I still allow myself to delight in the creative process. Hmmmm... this makes me feel much better.

Today, I recommit... to my art. I allow my art to prosper me financially. I hope I have something more to contribute to next week's blog, like a new painting! Thanks for listening.

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