Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mixed Media Project

Beginning Mixed Media Project

Last week I talked about the art supply store and buying canvases for my mixed media project. Today, I will give you a look at the beginnings of this project.


I begin with three 8 x 8 x 1.5 inches canvases. I picked up some found objects during a recent walk to include in the project. I had picked up a red plastic grid piece prior to this walk. This red grid shape was personally meaningful because of a drawing I had done a week ago where this shape first appeared, and then it appeared in real life. This first found object gave me the color scheme of tints and shades of red.
As you can see, I have begun the project with the red grid shape piece secured on the pink canvas with acrylic medium. I have painted and applied acrylic medium to the other two canvases.

Mixed in the Mixed-Media

The other objects that I found a few days ago on a walk were a feather, a broken piece of brown glass, a broken piece of red reflective plastic, a hot pink piece of plastic, and a rusty twisted wire.

Next Week

Next week, I’ll show my progress. Maybe I’ll be able to finish it by then.

Until next time, go create, appreciate, or buy some art!

Buy My Art

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