Monday, November 3, 2014

The Visual Artist is a Unique Breed

Number 1: The All One.
24 x 24 inches, acrylic on wood,
Copyright 2009 Mary Rush Gravelle
I have changed my mind and thinking lately about artists being like any other professional such as a plumber or a lawyer.

I have made statements in the past that lean toward fighting for fair payment to the artist. I have written blog articles, see below, on the plight of the artist. They are serving humanity just as much as any other profession, right? Shouldn't they be fairly compensated for this service? Yes and...

Visual Artists Vs. Performing Artists

Visual artists are a different breed. I separate them from performing artists who get paid for performing their art. Yes, I do realize that they practice their art and on their own time.

On Their Own Dime and Time

The visual artist practices and makes their art all on their own dime and their own time. If they have prepared themselves well in the marketing aspects, they will succeed in possibly selling their work. They have to build up an inventory in order to have something available to be shown to someone who might want to buy it. They have to create first. And then, they can think about the sale. This is what separates visual artists from other professionals who get paid for the work they perform as they perform it. This is what makes visual artists a unique breed.

Number 4: Four Squared
24 x 24 inches, mixed-media on RayMar panel.
Copyright 2009 Mary Rush Gravelle. All rights reserved.

Need Alternative Ways to Get Paid

Unless the visual artist has built up an art patron relationship that pays them a monthly stipend for creating, they are not getting paid to do their art. Until they grow their reputation as an artist, they most times will need to perform other work for pay. Art materials are costly. It costs money to create art. The bills still need to get paid. The artist needs to eat. Costs for transportation need to be met.

Unique Space

Yes, visual artists inhabit a unique space in the world. They are creating from ideas and curiosities. They are following their hearts. They are creating beauty. They are helping us see our world in new ways.

They Have to Create

Most visual artists have not made the choice to be an artist. It is something that is innate. There is a driving inner force to create. If they do not heed the call, they pay for it in their depleted spirit.


I am a visual artist. I am a unique breed in this world. I feel so much happier when I create. I have to do it. And, I would really love for my art to prosper me.

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If you are an artist

Do you consider yourself a unique breed to humanity? Have you figured out how your art can prosper you? Do you work a job so you can pay for your art supplies? What are your thoughts on this idea?

If you are an art collector

Are you supporting a visual artist to create, to live their dream? Would you consider it?

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About the author: Mary Rush Gravelle is an artist who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty.

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