Friday, November 28, 2014

Mixing it Up

Paint palette of mixed colors.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.
How we mix up our experiences in life is just as exciting, most times, more so, than the final destination of arrival. Chance encounters and meetings as we go about our day add to the flair and fun of our lives.

I often fall in love with my palette when mixing colors while painting. The accidental occurrences that happen when colors, water, and gel mediums run into each other delights me. Eye candy, soul intrigue, and new possibilities ignite my senses.  Imagination comes alive on the palette, many times after the painting session has been completed. What is left on the palette afterward is the mess of the creative process where magic has just had its way with me.

Paint palette of mixed colors.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.
Life can be a colorful adventure like that too, if only we will let it have its way with us. Planned experiences can be mixed with openness, flexibility, and spontaneity. With a little imagination and a touch invention, we can allow life to get a little messy. And... have much more more fun that way.

How can you use your creativity today and throughout this next week to energize your life in an artful, colorful way? How can you allow the merging of life circumstances and experiences to alter the perceived reality of the situation? How can you create something new and exciting in your life? Leave a comment below.

And while we're talking about colorful experiences, head on over to my art website to see how I mix up colors on my canvas and in digital media. Also, check out my prints for more colors! Consider adding one of my colorful artworks to your home or office.

Paint palette of mixed colors.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.

Until Next Week

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Mary Rush
(Mary Gravelle)

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Brianna Rush (Mary Rush Gravelle) is an artist who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty. More about her art and paintings can be found on her website.

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