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Photographer Bill Cunningham is a True Lover of his Work

Documentary of Bill Cunningham
New York to Paris
I watched it on Netflix.
Photographer, Bill Cunningham, lives, eats, and breathes fashion photography. From a different perspective than most fashion photographers, he does it from the streets of New York City. Spotting trends, he is published in the New York Times newspaper.

From His Bicycle

He works tirelessly from his bicycle, riding around the streets of New York City looking for his next shot, standing on street corners, watching with a discerning eye, looking for beauty. Nothing is more important to him that getting the shot.

Attends Charity Events

He works from morning to night. In the evenings, he can be found attending gala charity events, again, looking for the shot. The shot of beauty that he finds is in real people to celebrities who are wearing fashion in their own way. He makes no delineation of who's who. If they are wearing something beautiful that intrigues him, that is what excites him.

Works in Accordance to His Idea of Integrity

He strives to work within his own guidelines of integrity, never eating nor drinking at any of these gala events. For him, his food, is his work. He lives in a tiny apartment full of file cabinets that house his many photos and negatives from over the years. His work is never done. He basically works seven days a week. He turns down money to do his work. This affords him the freedom to be in integrity and not swayed in any one particular direction away from his vision.

That's him!

Friends? Oh Yeah!

He has made many friends over his long career, many of them he has photographed for years, sometimes looking for them to arrive so he can see what they are wearing. He is loved for who he is, what he does, and how he does it.

A Shining Inspiration

He clearly is doing what he loves. What a shining example of what that does to the person. He appears to be extremely happy. It is soooo very inspiring!

Watch the documentary about him. I think you, too, will be inspired. The image in the beginning of this article is what the cover of the movie looked like in Netflix.

Videos of his work

In recent years, the NY Times have required him to do video of his work. Find those videos here, where it says about him,

The legendary Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham spots and distills the latest trends from the runways of Paris to the colorful streets of New York.

I want to hear from you!

Have you heard of Bill Cunningham? Have your watched the documentary? What's your feeling about him and his work? Please leave a comment below.

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