Monday, October 6, 2014

Famous Artist Gerhard Richter Painting

Gerhard Richter Painting
Documentary Movie on Netflix
I watched, totally dazzled, a documentary last night about Gerhard Richter, titled simply enough, Gerhard Richter Painting.

It was showing him painting for an exhibit while being recorded. It was interesting to hear his truthful reactions and conversation about being recorded while painting. He felt that painting was a private act. It put him on edge. So many things he talked about resonated with me. The movie also went somewhat into his life and career.

But, what I was jazzed about was watching his painting process. The paintings would look great to me. And then, he would use a squeegee to spread the paint across the canvas, obliterating any form and shape that might have shown up on the canvas prior. I do like his more colorful work since I love color.

The other really inspiring thing about this documentary was seeing his studio and studio assistants in action. What a studio he has! Wow. It's gigantic. He paints in oil. The assistants mix it for him, insuring it is the smooth consistency he requires for his process. They explained that there could be no lumps because of the way he uses the squeegee.

I am so pumped to paint and somehow acquire a very large painting studio.

Check out these images, which are a couple of my favorite. I guess they are protected under copyright, so I cannot use the images here. I've done a screenshot of the page (showing only a partial of the painting) where the image resides with the link under the image so you can go check it out.

I love this painting. Check it out at this link:

A photo of him in his studio:

3. Another painting I love

Do you like Gerhard Richter's paintings? What do you like or don't like?

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Do you like Gerhard Richter's paintings? What do you like or don't like? Does his paintings inspire you like they do me?

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I want to hear from you! What do you think of the final painting? Did you like this technique? Did you like the video? What was your favorite part? Leave your comments below.

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  1. I am truly inspired by Richter to the point of using some techniques to create my own expression in the evolution of my work. He inspires me to be free of traditional constaints and move color around as an unrestricted extension of self!! Take a look at under gallery:abstracts and tell me what you think. Cost..much less then 20 mil. :) Thanks for the great post! All the best! Bruce

    1. Bruce,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. WOW... I love your paintings. I can totally see Richter's influence on your work in your Modern Abstract gallery. I see Picasso's influence in your Contemporary Expressionism gallery. Your drawings and sculpture... you are one talented guy! Thanks for sharing your work with me. Is the Ricther-ish paintings your new style? I absolutely love those paintings and the way you have worked with color and line. I will keep your work in mind for when I start collecting art.

      Best of luck... keep the conversation rolling,