Monday, September 1, 2014

All I Want to Do is Experiment Part Two

My co-worker, Tamara, installing her mailbox
she commissioned me to paint.
Mailbox, Acrylic on Metal.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.
This article continues from part one.

Last week I left you with my self-portrait.

After finishing that, a co-worker at the clothing design place, Christy Fisher Studio in Cottonwood, where I was working at the time, commissioned me to paint her mailbox. Another experiment since I had never been commissioned to do a mailbox. It was a new surface and shape for me to try. It was a fun project. Tamara loved the final result. Do you like it?

Abstract Southwest Landscape, Mixed-media on Canvas.
16 x 20 inches, copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle,
All rights reserved.

For my next project, I wanted to experiment with very watered down acrylic paints and masking. This was really fun and fast. I used cut paper and masking tape as my mask elements. The result was an image that looked like an abstract southwest landscape painting. Read the blog article here.

Crossing Over, Acrylic on Canvas, 16 x 20 inches.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle, all rights reserved.

The next painting, Crossing Over, continued on the idea of highly watered down acrylic paints. This time I wanted to experiment with texture. I used Light Molding Paste for the texture. Read the blog articles here and here.
Tucson Saguors, Acrylic on Canvas,
16 x 20 inches,
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle,
All rights reserved

Next up was reviving a painting I began last year and hated the colors. I wanted to see if I could revive and brighten it. Tucson Saguaros began as a very drab painting that I was going to be teaching to a class. After I painted it, I hated it and never did the class. I dug it out and brightened it up. You can read about that process here and here.

The last painting I have completed, continuing with my experimental phase, will be the topic of next week's blog article.

Mary Rush Gravelle
Artist and Author of this Blog.
Until Next Week

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