Friday, January 4, 2013

Seventh Heaven Mixed Media Painting Auction

Seventh Heaven, 24 x 24 inches, mixed-media on wood.
Copyright 2009 Mary A. Gravelle.
I'm auctioning my Seventh Heaven mixed-media painting. Three days begins now... Friday, Saturday, Sunday... ends Sunday at 5 pm.

Opening bid: $200
Buy Now: $800 ($1,200 value).
Shipping is an additional $125.00.

About this painting:
Seventh Heaven is my intrepretation of the number seven. Number Five is the middle transformative number. Number Six begins acsension to higher planes of existence. The number seven is reaching into the higher dimensions, which I call Heaven.

Pink, gold, and silver paint with pink acrylic domes adding sparkling light and delight.

Contact Me

To bid:
  1. Comment here on my blog to leave your bid.
  2. Then, please use the link above to contact me to give me  your contact information.
Good Luck. This is a beautiful painting that has received much admiration.

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