Monday, May 7, 2012

Last day of finals today…. Tomorrow is the day when I have four finals due… Photography, Intro to Lit, Portfolio, and Ceramics. Whew… I'm working on them.

Portfolio is mostly done. I had to do two portfolios, one for my fine art and one for my graphic design. All I need to do is paint a box to put my art portfolio in.

Intro to Lit is where I'm procrastinating big time. I have not even started it.

I'm working on my final photography project today. I need to really finish it up so I can begin my Intro to Lit paper. But… I'm enjoying the process of creating it. I have decided to do an Appropriation project as a collage. I'll share it next week.

Ceramics project is done. I just need to pack up 3-4 pieces to take to final critique tomorrow.

Gotta go… and get those finals completed.

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