Friday, May 4, 2012

Artmaking: The beginning of the End of Life-as-I-Knew It

The Happy Place, Digital Image,
3600 x 3600 pixels, 300 ppi. Corel Painter 11. 2010
©2010 Mary A. Gravelle

Beginning of the End

Discovering that I was artistic was the beginning of the end of life-as-I-knew it. The beginning of a daring adventure into my art and myself was breaking through the chrysalis of my being. As usual, it has not gone exactly as I had envisioned.

Reflection Time

Next week I will earn my A.A. in Graphic Design. I guess this has me reflecting where my life has been and where I'm headed.

Journey into the Fire 

I left my known life behind in July 2006, moving from Connecticut, leaving a 23-year marriage, six cats, a favorite pine tree named Penelope, friends, and moving solo to New Mexico. Here I am in May 2012, six years later, I feel like I have been in the fire ever since.

I have created tons of art in these last six years. I have exhibited in juried shows, shown in galleries to varied success. I have continued my art schooling.

Life's Challenges

Thinking back now I think that I have lost faith at times and have shot myself in the foot because of it. Lack of trust and faith have a way of stopping progress. I only see this now, though. This is the challenge, isn't it? The challenge is to persevere through life's obstacles and opportunities gracefully. The challenge is to do this especially when things appear the darkest and bleakest. We would not need faith and trust otherwise, would we?

Invoke Faith and Trust

I write this today as I stare into the bare cupboard, refriderator, and checkbook. Now is the time for me to invoke a really deep faith and trust that all is well, that I am cared for, that my art will take care of me, that God will take care of me, that I am able to take care of myself and dear Sir Kitty.

Next Chapter

Godspeed. Let the next chapter begin with great gusto.

And What About You?

What's your art story?


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