Monday, April 2, 2012

My First Fine Art Photography Book

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I am happy to announce that I just completed my first fine art photography book.

Seventh Street Poles and Wires
A photographic catalog of poles and wires observed while walking 7th Street in Silver City, New Mexico. The walk began at E Street and finished at Bullard Street. I was intrigued by the patterns that the poles and wires create across the sky and landscape. Digital black and white photos in a fine art photography book. 

I started my walk thinking I would take photos of power lines. When I began shooting I realized that I did not know a power line from a telephone or cable line. So, I just shot all the poles and wires along my walk on both sides of the street, zigzagging across as I went. The day was gorgeous. It was a delicious project as I encountered people on bicycle and people watering their gardens. The sky was clear deep blue and the sun was warm.

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