Monday, October 31, 2011


Guardians, 22 x 28 x .75 inches
Acrylic on canvas. 2008.
©2008 Mary Rush Gravelle
I'm reading Steve Job's sister's eulogy right now. It's beautiful. Here is something she said that I liked, kind of art-related,

"His philosophy of aesthetics reminds me of a quote that went something like this: “Fashion is what seems beautiful now but looks ugly later; art can be ugly at first but it becomes beautiful later.”"

If you want your heart to be touched this morning, read this eulogy. An eloquent writer, his sister, "Mona Simpson is a novelist and a professor of English at the University of California, Los Angeles. (article)".

On a happier note, I created my 2nd art auction video. I would really appreciate it if you shared the link. Send your bid in now. This is great chance to get one of my paintings at a really low price. It is the one pictured here.

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