Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update and Uplift your Interior with Color -- Yellow and Green

I can't think of a better way to enliven your interior space than with a new colorful print. And Four Directions, a digitally created image, is just the best choice. Here is a snippet from an article on Color Trends for 2010 that will bring this case to point.

Yellows and Greens

Both yellow and green will be great colors to work with if you're planning a remodel in 2010. Yellow brings a vibrancy like no other while green is calming and soothing. Combined they can make quite a statement. Just be careful not to overstimulate the yellow. Use yellow in a kitchen, it can stimulate and motivate and even aid in digestion. Meanwhile, using green in a bedroom can create a calming, earthy escape."

Four Directions Fine Art Print: Buy Now!

You can purchase this colorful giclee fine art print in sizes from 8" square to 40" square. Buy multiples and group them. Or buy a single large print for a bold statement. BUY NOW!

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