Monday, December 7, 2015

Newest Painting–Transmutation

Transmutation by Artist Mary Gravelle
Transmutation, Acrylic on Paper,
36 x 48 inches.
Copyright 2015 Mary Gravelle.

My latest painting is an acrylic abstract painting. It became an action painting after I laid out a large piece of paper on the floor. Using diluted, liquid acrylic paints and a large brush, I had a blast allowing the paint and brush to flow across the page as my body gave way to the movement.

This painting might seem a departure from my normal style, however, I felt like I was returning to my roots.

When I began painting, before attending art school, I painted large abstract paintings on paper. I fell in love with Stonehenge paper at the time with the two deckled edges. The smooth, almost cushy surface of the cotton rag paper delighted my senses and seemed to take the paint with ease without buckling.

The paper I used for this current painting was a mixed-media paper I purchased from The Art Store in Prescott, AZ. While it feels sumptuous, it did buckle a teeny bit under the soaking of the water and gel medium diluted acrylic paint. It looks fine.

I don't know if I love this painting, but I love the process. It's a painting that is fun to look at up close because of the layering of color, shape, and expressive, overlapping brush strokes causing variations in texture and color.

I can't wait to start the next one!

This painting is available for sale.

Flat Stanley, my painting assistant.
I had a couple of painting assistants during this project, Flat Stanley and Sir Kitty. Flat Stanley is part of a literacy program who came to visit me from Florida where my niece lives. Her son, Aidan, is part of the Flat Stanley project for literacy at school.

Flat Stanley, my painting assistant,
gazes at the immensity of the painting
before him. 
Sir Kitty is more accustomed to painting with me and gives me pointers along the way. :-)

Sir Kitty advises me on my next move.

Until Next Week

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Mary Gravelle (Mary Rae Rush)
Sir Kitty
About the author: Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved assistant, Sir Kitty.

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