Monday, November 2, 2015

Creativity Helps You Think Differently

It's a Beautiful Day to Sit Outside, Acrylic on Wood,
12 x 12 inches, Copyright 2015 Mary Gravelle (Mary Rae Rush)
Creativity is devalued in our society. It gets a bad rap for being a soft asset less meaningful and important than math and science.

I think one issue is that we need to separate creativity from art. The generalized belief that creativity=art is wherein lies a problem.

Creativity is simply another way of thinking and problem solving. It is just as important as critical thinking, where the right brain finally gets a break and its due recognition.

I think as artists, we might have been blessed with a deeper sense of our creativity, which is innate to everyone of us. It can be taught through a way of discovery and practice.

Even though Artists in general might be born with a heavier emphasis on right brain activity, they can also benefit by educating themselves in creativity.

Once one realizes their creative power (their creativity), every other subject and facet of life will be enhanced.

Open the Door, Let the Light in,
Chalk Pastel on Paper,
Copyright 1995 Mary Gravelle.
Art can be the conduit for creativity. But, making art as the way to arriving at one's creativity is not the only pathway to creativity. Many more avenues are available such as doing things differently, juxtaposing two completely different ideas against each other, or doing something you have never done before. All these activities open the mind and can lead us to think and live more creatively.

Is creativity important to you? Do you think creativity should be better valued in our society? What are your thoughts about creativity and creativity vs. art?

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The handsome, Sir Kitty. Meow.
Mary Rae Rush with one of her large abstract paintings.
About the author: Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved assistant, Sir Kitty.

Her art can be viewed on her website.

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