Monday, September 14, 2015

Not Everyone is an Artist

The Place to Be, Acrylic on Wood, 24 x 48 inches. In private collection.
Copyright 2006 Mary Gravelle. Prints Available.
There are folks out there that say everyone is an artist. I used to be one of them, not anymore.

Everyone is a cook, but not everyone is a Cook. Every DIY person has the potential to be a plumber, lawyer, gardener, artist, and whatever else they want to do themselves instead of paying a professional. However, not everyone that cooks, plumbs, fills out their own legal paperwork, paints something for their wall is a professional at that particular occupation.

To say everyone is an artist, demeans the profession of the Artist. It buys into the cultural feeling that artists do not deserve to make a decent living because they are somehow trading doing what they love and what feeds their soul for a right to live a financially secure life. Hogwash! Some even think that if an artist expects to get paid for their art, they have sold their soul to the Devil. Again, hogwash!

New Dawn on Boston Hill,
Acrylic on Canvas, 22 x 28 inches.
In private collection.
Copyright 2008 Mary Gravelle. Prints Available.
This has the potential to be a very deep conversation that includes questions like, "What is art?", "What is the motivation behind the work of art?", "Does the artwork have to serve some political, cultural, religious purpose in order to be worthy of being considered 'art'?" We could go down the rabbit hole with this one. For now, I just want to get the conversation started.

Everyone is creative, that is their birthright. I am a huge advocate of everyone realizing their creative power. There is a huge difference between being creative and being an artist. I think that is where the problem lies. Confusing creativity with art is a big problem. It is a heinous act against the professional Artist.

Lush Two, Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 16 inches. Original available at
Marketplace Cafe Sedona or by contacting me at
Copyright 2008 Mary Gravelle. Prints Available.
Yes, doing activities that are considered art such as painting, sculpting, singing, all lead to creativity, but not necessarily to an art career as an Artist. Art making feels good and can open the heart to the person hiding behind the cold wall of exterior living. Art making and creativity can lead one inside oneself to discover their creative power. Their creative power will bring new ways of doing their chosen profession. It will also bring a new passion to the way they live their life.

The way to turn this around begins with the Artist. Every Artist that has bought into this cultural nightmare, must tune into their hearts and souls and turn it around in their own head and change their belief.

Every person that is out there saying that everyone is an Artist must dissect their own belief and reasons why they are preaching this way of thinking.

Everyone is NOT an Artist. Stop thinking otherwise.

Do you think this a problem? How do you think we can change this cultural belief around and begin respecting the career of the Artist?

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Braylee Rush (Mary Gravelle)
The handsome, Sir Kitty. Meow.
About the author: Braylee Rush (Mary Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved assistant, Sir Kitty.

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