Monday, February 16, 2015

My Art Studio Set Ups Past and Present Part Two

My 1st Painting Studio in Silver City, NM.
The red toolbox belonged to my late brother.
It made a great place to store paints and brushes.
Wow. In preparing to write about art studio setups, I took a major walk down memory lane.Since leaving the east coast in 2006 and moving to the southwest, I have painted in many different spaces from a "real" art studio on an artists' ranch to my own living spaces to friends' houses, to gallery spaces to house sitting gigs. Whew... it's been a trip to say the least.

Last week's blog post ended with my studio spaces in Oracle, AZ. There, I painted at an artist's community during my first two weeks in the Southwest and in the middle of the desert while housesitting. This week, I'll share two different studio set ups in Silver City, New Mexico, where I lived for six years.

Silver City, New Mexico

My first studio in Silver City, NM was in my first apartment. What a perfect studio set up that was! It really was a beautiful apartment and studio set up for me. I painted the first six Oracle, Arizona southwestern landscape paintings there. The studio was attached to the apartment. All I had to do was walk through the door from within my living space. I miss that studio tremendously. See photo in the beginning of this article.

Wind Canyon

Wind Canyon, Silver City, New Mexico
Working on "Nature's Embrace"
22 x 28 inches, Acrylic on Canvas
Original painting is available as are prints at this link.
Wind Canyon, Silver City, New Mexico
Working on "Nature's Embrace"
22 x 28 inches, Acrylic on Canvas.
(see the completed painting top right of this photo)

Southwestern landscape painting.
Original painting is available
as are prints at this link.
Another house sitting gig for an artist friend and husband, found me setting up my studio in her studio space while she was gone. Their home was beautiful and located in the gorgeous Wind Canyon section of Silver City, New Mexico.

Wind Canyon, Silver City, New Mexico

The paint table, acrylic paints.
And, that is where I'll leave you for this week. Next week, more studio spaces in Silver City, New Mexico.

Until Next Week

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About the author: Brianna Rush(Mary Rush Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty.

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