Monday, December 15, 2014

Beam Me Up Color

Current painting reference materials. Color Transporters.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.
Color has the power to transport us to an elevated state of mind. When you think of your favorite color, where does it take you?

Does blue take you to the sky or the water or somewhere else? Does green take you to green grass, a pasture, a forest, or other destination? Where does orange take you? Where does black take you? Do you wonder why these colors transport you to certain places? What state of mind do they conjure? Go on a color journey and discover where each of them has the power to transport your mind to a new state.

When I walked into my studio this morning I was uplifted by the colors and images that invited me in. I became aware that the colors opened a door to a new place within myself.

I am painting a lotus flower on fire. I hope it will turn out good enough to use a cover image for my upcoming book on the Igniting Your Intentions process.

Since I don't have access to lotus flowers and fire where I am, I did a google search to find reference materials. I had no idea that lotus flowers came in various colors! I find the lotus flower just absolutely breathtakingly stunning. Along with the reference photographs, the purple papers are my one month, one year, and five year goals. The orange paper on the bottom is a crayon lotus flower drawing that I did this morning and added it to the mix.

As I stared at my painting alongside the reference material, I realized that the colors and images were transporting me to a magical place. It is a place of beauty and wonder. It's a place where I breathe deeper. It's a place where I find gratitude within me. Oh, those colors! They make me feel great. They take me to a higher place where everything is grand and possible.

Current painting reference materials. Color Transporters.
1st stage of my painting. Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.
The purple and bluish lotus flower is so luscious. The orange one is warm and inviting.  The pink lotus flower is a breath of fresh air.

Current color palette.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.
Is it the color or the color combined with the image? The perfection of the lotus flower is enough to transport me to another realm. But, imagine a black and white photo of a lotus flower. And then look at the color photos. Isn't it the addition of color that is the transporter to a beautiful realm, full of possibility and potentiality? If these images were of something else in the same colors, would they be as effective in transporting my mind and soul?

All I could think of was the old TV program, Startrek and the famous line, "Beam me up, Scotty". In this case, "Beam me up, Color"!

What do you think? Does color transport you in some way? Does it matter what the subject matter of the color? Did you take the color journey as described above?

Paints and brushes for current painting in process.
Copyright 2014 Mary Rush Gravelle.
Speaking of color, I invite you to browse my selected colorful paintings and digital media work where color reigns. Let them transport you to a higher place. Consider purchasing one to uplift your space.

Reference photos:

1. Google Search for Lotus Flowers take a beauty color break.

2. Orange Lotus free download of image. You can buy the artificial flower at:

3. Purple Lotus by Gail Bingham. Visit her gallery.

Pink Lotus website: From the Garden Zen.

Fire image. Free download of image from

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About the author: Mary Rush Gravelle is an artist who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty.

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