Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wisdom Painting

Oh me, oh my! I totally forgot to write and publish this week's blog post.

I have been working diligently recreating my Wisdom Painting website. It feels like it has taken me far, far down the rabbit hole. Since moving to Sedona, that piece of my work / offering / gift to the world has resurrected itself after more than a five-year hiatus.

Hiking on the vortex of Bell Rock here in Sedona, the message was given to me to "bring painters and use our natural resources". This felt so very exciting. Should I really resurrect Wisdom Painting?

Apparently, yes! Only a few days later, a friend and client from Connecticut referred her friends to me who were coming to Sedona. We got together and did a Wisdom Painting session. They told me it was a wonderful experience. And I felt exalted for doing the work. It was like, "really, and I get paid to do this too? I was smiling to myself during the whole experience.

This further tells me that, yes, get back to Wisdom Painting, my roots. It must important right now. So… that's what I've been up to for over a week, building a new website for Wisdom Painting. It's like pulling teeth right now. And, I am driven to do it.
We use many beautiful colors during Wisdom Painting.

What about my own art, you might ask? I wonder about it too. My daily artwork revolves around doing phone art. I also do daily drawings during my personal Igniting Your Intentions™ sessions.

The phone art, along with my other art and selected photography can be seen on my flicker account page and albums. Check out my June 2014 Phone Art album to see this month's phone art creations. I have been receiving great feedback on these images.

Okay… back to work. I must get that Wisdom Painting website finished.

Mary Rush Gravelle
Until Next Week 

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About the author: Mary Rush Gravelle is an artist who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty. 

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