Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Visit with Salusa Glassworks Inc

Artists Open Studio Tour Prescott AZ
Oct 4, 5, 6, 2013

On my way to the park to walk Sir Kitty, I saw a sign that led me to the first studio, one that I had planned to visit after our walk.

Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
A glass sphere that was shown
in a Will Smith movie, if my
memory serves me right.
Copyright Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
I stopped in, met and, visited with Emma and Bandhu S. Dunham at Salusa Glassworks, Inc.

Emma is what every artist needs: the marketer, organizer, and generally the brains, nuts, and bolts behind the art. I enjoyed chatting with her and getting to know what the artists were doing.

Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
Bandhu S. Dunham demonstrating glass blowing. His task-master, Emma, had him making 150 glass-blown pickles for a wholesale order.
Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
Emma, the brains behind the scene
keeping it all in order, sold, and shipped.

They were demonstrating their craft of glass-blowing. Bandhu was busy making pickles under strict orders from Emma. They were short 150 pickles for a wholesale order.

The other artist, which I am sorry to say, I never got his name, was busy explaining to a studio visitor on making glass beads.

Other favorite glass projects are the spheres and glass houses. See photos.

Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
Glass House. Everything is glass except a few of the
mechanisms for keeping the marbles in motion.
Copyright Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
Bandhu S. Dunham has written many books on glass making.
This one is a textbook used by universities.
Salusa Glassworks, Inc.
A new Marble machine, manually turned.
Copyright Salusa Glassworks, Inc.

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