Monday, September 23, 2013

Blooming Painting Postcard for Marketing My Art

Postcards to Market My Art

As an artist, I think it is invaluable to send out postcards regarding my art. About a month ago, I sent a postcard out about my painting, Blooming. I sent it to my art collectors, potential new collectors, and a few select friends and family members.

I have not sent anything in the mail for a couple of years. I thought it was time to send out something tangible that people can look at and touch. If I'm lucky, they will love it and put it on their fridge or frame it and put it up somewhere in their homes or offices. And, if I'm really lucky, someone will actually purchase the original painting.

Combining efforts of newsletters, blogs, website, Facebook, and Twitter, along with snail mail, I am bound to cover my bases enough in order to keep my art in their awareness.

Do you think this approach will help in building my relationships with my current and future art collectors?

Do you have any other brilliant ideas for marketing art?

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