Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Home Art Studio

My Home Art Studio… July 2013… all organized and ready to go!
Tucson, Arizona. ©2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.
I recently organized a corner of a room in my home as my designated art studio. It is the room with the best light… not North, but the light is full-on my painting with no shadows until after 6pm.

My brother's tool box and a friend's hand-me-down shelving units help me get organized.

Ready to paint!

My late brother, Dave's tool box is now helping me keep organized
and bringing back cherished memories. He was a fabricator for
Nascar racer, Chad Little.  He painted cars and I paint pictures.
©2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.

My paint table right now as I paint my 2nd Phone Art to Canvas series
painting. ©2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.

My cat, Sir Kitty, keeping me company while I paint.
©2013 Mary Rush Gravelle.

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