Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Artist Statement

©2012 Mary Rush Gravelle. Mystery, Acrylic on Cardboard
8 x 10 inches. 2008.

Artist Statement

Graceful form, shape, and beauty soothe me. Angular juxtapositions and vibrant color excite me. Portraying realism is not important to me. The sway of a tree branch, the rich colors of a sunset, the bold red of a fire hydrant, or the angular shapes formed by rooftops, these are some of the things that intrigue and inform my art.
I’m more interested in the process of creation than I am with the final result. I make art to maintain my sanity, peace, and happiness. I always feel so much better after having made something. If I feel cranky or out of sorts I know it is because I have not allowed myself time to create. I just seem to be driven to create. I get a feeling, a question arises, or something intrigues me enough to dive deeper into its meaning. The drive inside urges me to create, to give expression to what I am learning about or seeing in the world around me.
Because of this need to probe deeper, I prefer to work in series. I find that this gives me more of a chance to understand what it is I am seeking to understand. It also gives me a body of cohesive work. I have no fidelities to any one medium or style such as realism or abstraction: although, my work leans more toward the abstract. I use the medium that fits the work at the time
I paint on wood or canvas creating two-dimensional works using mixed media and/or acrylic paints. I also create two-dimensional works using digital media and photography. Clay offers me the chance to make three-dimensional works. Experimenting with the medium keeps my art alive and fresh, keeping me engaged and interested in the process.
To create is everything, life force.
– Mary Rush Gravelle
Does this help you understand my art and why I do it?
Here is an article that helped me write my artist statement.
The Lost Art of Writing About Art–

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