Monday, February 6, 2012

WordPress Themes for Artists

Buckhorn Saloon: Come on in!
Mixed media on masonite, 20 x 16 inches.
©2010-2012 Mary A. Gravelle
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Artists, have you been wanting to create a website or portfolio site to showcase your art? Below are some resources for finding templates for your needs when creating a WordPress site.

I have created a WordPress site that I'm still working on, Igniting Your Intentions™. I'm most likely going to set a WordPress site up for my art. -- This link will guide you through the process of setting up your website to look like a website instead of a blog. I found this to be a great resource authored by Kim Bruce.

Below are sites where you can either purchase or download free templates specifically geared toward showcasing your art.

Let me know if this resource list is helpful to you.

UPCOMING WORKSHOP: Igniting Your Intentions™focuses on infusing love through your entire life. Details are on my site, Igniting Your Intentions™

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