Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day Special Promotion: The Goddess Watches Canvas Print

Time limited offer of Mary Gravelle's newest creation: The Goddess Watches. Get it now for the ridiculous price of $88 for a 16 x 20 inch gallery wrapped canvas print. Unbelievable. Only two days left. Only 24 prints remaining. Snatch up this deal now! Sizing and pricing will not be available again.

About this work by the artist, Mary Gravelle:

One of my favorite trees on a local hiking trail. I feel compelled lately to photograph her from every angle. 

I wonder if she is okay. Last year someone carved into her stomach a love sentiment. I think it wounded her. But, in her dignity and grace, she stands tall. Her beauty is evident. Her presence is awe inspiring. 

She guards the turquoise benches for anyone whom might need to rest on their journey. She offers a respite from the busy life that most of us think we have. Our rushed attempts at living a full life are laughed at by her. She remains still and enjoys her life, perhaps more than we do. 

I love this Goddess tree and feel so grateful that I get to visit her whenever I want. I hope that this digitally enhanced image of her does her justice. I pray for her safety. Amen. So it is. It is written this day of April 20, 2011. She lives.

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