Sunday, October 3, 2010

Inspiration from a Topiary Artist

I just finished watching the movie, A Man Named Pearl, on Netflix. The entire movie is filled with inspiration, upliftment, and hope. Here is the description of the movie from Netflix:

A Man Named Pearl
2006 G 78 minutes
Angered by white residents' racist comments that he wouldn't "keep up his yard," Pearl Fryar teaches himself topiary sculpture and becomes the first African American in his Bishopville, S.C., neighborhood to win the coveted "yard of the month" award. This acclaimed documentary traces Fryar's inspiring story, as he grows into a legendary horticulturist, welcoming thousands of tourists eager to catch a glimpse of his stunning works of art.

Cast: Pearl Fryar Director:Scott Galloway, Brent Pierson Genres:Documentary, Social & Cultural Documentaries, Biographical Documentaries, African-American Documentaries, Gardening This movie is: Sentimental, InspiringFormat: DVD and streaming

Yes, this movie is both sentimental and inspiring. It will touch a place deep inside you, a yearning for self-expression and soul-growth. From an artist's viewpoint, it will help you question your own art. What are you creating? Why are you creating what you are creating? Are you passionate about your creation? Is your creation positive and uplifting for others? What are you offering others through your art? Do you create art that makes others feel good when they view it? Peace, Love, and Goodwill: these are the words that Pearl carved into his landscape. These are the words that he lives by. His artwork has become a community treasure and commodity. One man has resurrected an entire community through his dedication, passion, and commitment to his art and God.

How can you be the inspiration for others around you through your art?

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