Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Mary's Fine Art Logo - 2

Okay, a good friend gave me the feedback that the logo I just designed/redesigned for my business, Mary's Fine Art, looked too Christmassy. I had to agree. So, hopefully this one works. Your feedback is helpful.


  1. Hi Mary,

    I agree, this one has punch and style without the Christmas edge.

    I love it~your art is awesome, I had visited a few days ago also.

    My brother would fall in love with the colors, he is all about colors.

    I'll introduce him to the site....

    Much success in 2010~

    Bea Kunz

  2. Bea, thanks so much for your feedback. I have just created yet another version since I was wondering if the logo should be more "business-like". Well ... ??? Guess I'll post the new one and see what happens. Thank you for introducing your brother to my art. Peace, Mary