Friday, May 2, 2008

Art Ramblings ...

Last week I dreamed another painting series, more abstracts. Now I have about 20 paintings to complete. I wonder if I will continue with the southwest landscape paintings? Can I fit them into the abstract series -- doing an abstract and doing a landscape at the same time?

I'm pleased with the two paintings I just completed. They are southwest landscapes with a twist. I've painted frames onto the canvas around the landscape giving it a window view effect. I painted datura flowers at the corners. This was an idea I had in the beginning stages of my landscape painting. I'm tickled that I finally gave myself permission to paint it.

I wonder if I will stay in Silver City? I just don't seem to be "finding my people". I'm really wanting to build community here with like-minded people and artists. I wonder if there are any like-minded people here in which to build community? Am I just plain weird or what? There seems to be more competive spirit here than I had originally thought. That does not help in building commaderie.

Okay ... I need to get back to work on my website.


  1. You are not weird. The internet has become the virtual cedar tavern for so many of us "beat" enthusiasts. As and abstract expressionist with roots in process oriented painting, who believes the pop movement in art and music cut off the beat artists, writers and musicians off at the knees, I am reassured everyday genuine artists still exist beneath the commercial bubble of factory manufactured art disguised as fine art. Read the article about the east end art scene which gives emerging artists hope in a world of prestige seeking blue chip art collectors.

  2. Thanks, Lynn, for your reassurance that there are like-minded folks out there. If not where we live, at least somewhere in our Internet communities. Congratulations on the inclusion in the show and the nice write-up. Love your blog. I'll be leaving a comment.