Monday, February 2, 2015

Movie Review of The Painting is a Must See

The Painting is quite an interesting movie on many levels. I saw it on Netflix last night. I have a feeling I will watch it several more times. I highly recommend it to all the painters and creators of life out there.

Art Level

On the art level, the Sketchies are barely visible and constantly being haunted by the Grim Reaper. The Halfies are taunted and exiled by the Alldunns.

Isn't this true in the painting process? The sketch dies to the in-process painting, and then the half-done painting is all done. Once the painting is finished and complete, it has value because we can then turn it around for money, if we want and have the skills or resources to make that happen.

Making art is a violent process when looked at from this perspective. Our goal, as artists, is to complete the work. Each layer of the process must give way to the next. Many deaths happen along the way. Even the love we feel toward our creation and our process cannot belie the fact that we were murderers along the way, even if only with pencil, charcoal, and paint, or whatever your media of choice might be.

Human Level

As an intelligent being, you can already gather from the aforementioned, that on the human level, there is much food for thought here.

The Alldunns believe that because the Painter completed them that they are the Chosen Ones. The Sketchies and Halfies have no right to anything. The Alldunns justify their violence against the Sketchies and Alldunns because there is no value in being different and incomplete.

The Alldunns live high up in a castle. They throw extravagant parties, eat great food, dance, and make plans for annihilation of the Sketchies and Halfies. The Sketchies and Halfies are not allowed into their Kingdom, their Paradise, of richness and indulgence.

Personal Level

The movie gets to the point of all of our spiritual seeking. Each of us goes on our own hero's journey into the heart of what matters in our own life. We search for evidence of our own self-worth and long to be valued as a human being. Our personal quest for meaning often reveals that everything we thought we needed, everything we have longed for, searched for, was as Dorothy discovered, already inside us. The challenge is to love ourselves just the way we are. And furthermore, accept others for who they are.


There is so much more to this movie on so many levels.

The movie is created animation style, I think, to be able to deliver its deep message in an almost light-hearted but real way. The movie is a true work of art. Great art, points the way. It sheds light on the dark aspects of our humanity. It makes us think differently. It leads us to new vision of how our life could be.

And You?

Have you seen this movie? What are your thoughts?

Until Next Week

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About the author: Brianna Rush(Mary Rush Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved cat, Sir Kitty.

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