Sunday, March 11, 2012

One Small Act

©2012 Mary A. Gravelle
One Small Act: Wrapped Yucca (after Christo)
Photograph Montage, 12 x 30 inches
Framed to 12 ¼ x 30 ¼ inches.
One Small Act:
Wrapped Yucca (after Christo)
by Mary Gravelle

Buy this! I just ordered it so I could submit it to the student show at WNMU. I need to pre-sell it. The resale price is $250. I'll let the first person to say "yes" have it for $225. If you require shipment, you will be responsible for the shipping cost.

Pay upfront. If it gets accepted into the show, you will be able to have it after the show. If it does not get accepted, you can have it next week.

About this photograph.
I had not realized that the fire on Boston Hill hit so close to a favorite hiking trail. I had not hiked there after the fire until last week. I was shocked at the devastation I saw along the trail. The timing coincided with my photography assignment of doing a performance. I decided to act out a "Christo" moment by wrapping a burnt cactus thereby restoring color that had been lost to the fire.

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