Monday, December 19, 2011

Flash Fill Photography

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My Back Yard, Photography
©2011 Mary Rush Gravelle

Recently I learned about flash fill photography in my Photography II class at the university. This is an easy technique to grasp and promises to delight most photographers of any level who try it. The results can look magical. The flash crystalizes focus on the object of the flash. The rest of the composition goes out of focus and gets treated to some unusual effects.

Blue Railing at Fort Bayard.
©2011 Mary Rush Gravelle

Our class took a field trip to try this technique out. We headed out to Fort Bayard in Bayard, New Mexico, 20 minutes from campus just before dusk. We ran around the grounds of Fort Bayard flashing anything and everything in total excitement of seeing the outcome. Most of us were thrilled with what the process delivered. I certainly was.

Tapestry, Photography at Fort Bayard.
 ©2011 Mary Rush Gravelle

I became enthralled with one particular place on the grounds and took many photos from that location. See "Tapestry" and "Blue Railing".

Sir Kitty and the Cement Block.
Photography in my neighborhood.
©2011 Mary Rush Gravelle
I recently did some flash fill shooting while walking my cat, Sir Kitty, in the neighborhood. Soon, I had a squad of young boys flashing the neighborhood with their point and shoot cameras. It was quite fun.

Let me know if you try this technique and how you like it. Find out more by googling “flash fill photography”. There is a ton of information on it.

Please accept my humblest apologies for not posting last week. I was down with the flu.

Have a great week. Flash away!

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