Monday, September 19, 2011

Heal Thyself: The Wisdom of Painting

Reaching Out, approx. 42 x 28
©1998 Mary A. Gravelle
Buy the framed original painting: $400 plus shipping.
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Did you know that everyone benefits from painting? And that everyone can paint? Wisdom Painting for self-discovery teaches this principle. Painting for painting’s sake and painting for self’s sake is what its all about. Learning to release judgment and allow what needs to show up are keys to the process of Wisdom Painting.

How does Wisdom Painting and fine art painting differ? For one, the beginning point to the process. In Wisdom Painting, we begin with a blank sheet of paper, same as in fine art. However, it is from this point forward where the difference lies.

In Wisdom Painting we allow our materials to take the painting to the place it needs to go for our inner healing. Choices of brushes and color are all part of the self-discovery process. Yes, fine art can heal too. But, the difference is that in fine art we plan our paintings out beforehand. We know what we will paint. There is usually a discovery process that goes along with fine art painting as in Wisdom Painting. However, in Wisdom Painting, the discovery process is solely for the Self. The discovery process in fine art painting is generally more about the painting technique. In Wisdom Painting, art world talk does not enter into the equation. This helps keep the painter loose and unrestricted by rules.

You can try this at home. Or if you want more direction I will be offering personal and group Wisdom Painting sessions at my studio. More information on Wisdom Painting for self-discovery can be found on my website, Inquire today about your personal Wisdom Painting session:

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