Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DISOVER Flamenco / Gypsy Life Inspired Art

I'm still looking for submissions to the Flamenco/ Gypsy Juried Art Show, deadline, Nov. 19. Go to Mary's Fine Art for more information.

If you are wondering what flamenco / gypsy life inspired art looks like, here a some links from google images to help you out:

flamenco paintings

flamenco art

flamenco dancing

flamenco dancing cartoon

flamenco dancing paintings

flamenco dancing dress

flamenco dancing in spain

Gypsy costume

gypsy lifestyle

gypsy life

gypsy art

Make up your own search and make your own discoveries..

Image here: © Mary A. Gravelle, Bird Woman, 20 x 16 inches, mixed media on canvas board, framed, for sale. For purchase information, contact Mary at (575) 956-7315 or email info

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