Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Paintings for Sale at Welcome Center

Braylee Rush on the right with her paintings behind her
at the NEW Sedona Village Welcome Center.
The Sedona Village Welcome Center had its Grand Opening gala event on April 7. I was invited to hang a few paintings for sale. A percentage of each sale will go toward keeping the new welcome center open.

I didn't realize it, but I am a founder of this center. As a board member of the Sedona Village Business Association (SVBA), I volunteered to be on the committee to analyze the start up of a visitor's center in our part of Sedona.

We are situated outside the city limits and down the Red Rock Scenic Bypass from the main part of Sedona. This causes us to be slightly invisible to the five million annual tourists to Sedona. People coming in from Phoenix, however, drive right through our Village on their way to West Sedona and Uptown Sedona.

If you have traveled up State Route 179, you have witnessed the spectacular and breathtaking view of Sedona coming around a certain curve. This view captures interest and awe from everyone traveling from that direction. It causes red rock fever in the hearts of many.

Number 4: Four Squared, Mixed Media on RayMar Panel
24 x 24 inches, copyright 2009 Mary Gravelle.
Now showing at the Welcome Center.
The SVBA could not see the vision. We were being handed this opportunity to showcase our businesses by the new owner of a complex of buildings formerly known as Tequa Plaza. Thomas McPherson of Phoenix bought the complex after his car broke down coming through Sedona one day last November. He is extremely visionary and creative. He wanted a visitor's center in his complex. He offered the SVBA a great deal.

Since SVBA could not see the possibilities, Amadeus Larew, the person that volunteered to be general manager; I, as a committee member; Beverly Copen, President of the Vision Alliance; and Ken Rouse, President of SVBA all stepped forward and said, "YES" to getting this project off the ground. In three short weeks, it became a reality.

Jazz, Mixed Media on Wood, 12 x 12 inches
Copyright 2009 Mary Gravelle.
Now showing at the Welcome Center.
I look forward to the ongoing expansion of the vision of the Sedona Village Welcome Center.

Below are two more paintings now showing at the Welcome Center. All four paintings are mixed-media works of art.

The Natural World, Mixed Media on Wood,
12 x 12 inches, Copyright 2009 Mary Gravelle.
Now showing in Sedona at the Village Welcome Center.

The Buckhorn Saloon, Mixed Media on Wood,
24 x 24 inches, Copyright 2010 Mary Gravelle.
Now showing at the Welcome Center.

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Mary Gravelle (Mary Rae Rush)

About the author: Mary Rae Rush (Mary Gravelle) is an artist and writer who resides in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved assistant, Sir Kitty. Her art can be seen on her website.

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  1. Congrats with your exhibition Braylee. Because you are the founder of the Sedona Village Welcome Center you definitely deserve a statue.