Monday, May 26, 2014

Current Painting in Process

My current painting is almost done. I had a good session today. The style is different for me, somewhat.

I seem to only want to experiment with new materials and ways of doing things right now. Each different new learning creates a new look and style. My colors are still fairly bright.

I have a few more experimental techniques I want to try after this painting is complete.

I wonder if I will continue the Phone art to canvas series.

Until next week: Buy art, appreciate art, and / or make art.

Mary Gravelle is an award-winning artist who lives with her adorable sidekick, Sir Kitty in Sedona, Arizona.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Current Studio Set-up

Yet another studio set up in my new home space during my very mobile lifestyle. I might be in this space longer than the past few. Another small space requires somewhat of a different organization of supplies. This one has more opportunity for Sir Kitty to enjoy the space, too. Someday, soon, I will have a large, expansive studio. Until then, this will suffice.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Copyright for Artists... Right or Wrong?

I really would like your input on this issue. Do you think that artwork, once it has been released to the public, should be under copyright law? Or, do you think that the work now belongs in the public domain for anyone to do with it what they want?

I feel torn on this subject. On the one hand, as an artist that coaxes the muse to come out and play, and then works to execute its vision as best I can, I think, sure, we should have such a law. The artist seems exploited enough without having someone else possibly benefit from their passion and sweat.

Then again, I merely tune into inspiration and create a visual material representation of it. Everyone has the ability to "download" the same inspiration. Just because I caught this particular idea, is it really mine to own? There is plenty more inspiration where that came from. Perhaps the material representation then becomes someone else's inspiration for creating something new from it. Why should I place a barrier to their joy of creating their version from my version?

What are your thoughts on this? Please leave a comment below with your opinion, thoughts, ideas.

Until next week, consider taking one or more of these actions: buy art, appreciate art, make art.

The image above is a digital image I created from a phone app.

Mary Rush Gravelle is an artist and writer who lives and creates in Sedona, Arizona with her beloved furry friend, Sir Kitty.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Painting in Process Experimental Technique with Light Molding Paste

Wow... my apologies... I did not realize I have not published a blog post since April 14. Lots going on since my mom's death on April 1st and my move to Sedona, Arizona on May 1st.

I have been working on my 2nd experimental painting during the interval. This time, I used artist's light molding paste to build texture on the canvas before painting.

The other benefit to this tecnique, is that it creates a porous surface absorbing washes of paint like watercolor. I used very watered down acrylic paint to allow the color to bleed. The result is a different look from my bold, bright, normal color pallette to a more subtle, muted color scheme.

With both texture and paint absorption, the paint moved around on the surface, providing surprising opportunities for following the painting's lead. I began to see shapes emerge. Honoring them, I coaxed them forward with brush and color.

This painting is not quite finished, but has evolved enough that a story is beginning to evolve.

I am still unpacking, organizing, and cleaning. The painting is now staring at me and waiting for me to get back to it.

Until next: buy art, appreciate art, create art.