Monday, May 18, 2009

New Term: Vanitas Painting

I had never heard of this term before so I had to click on its meaning:

Vanitas Painting

Here's the short of it from

A vanitas painting, while possibly containing lovely objects, always included some reference to man's mortality - most often a human skull (with or without other bones), but also by way of burning candles, soap bubbles or decaying flowers. It was meant not only to be a work of art, but also to carry an important moral message: Trivial pleasures of life are abruptly and permanently wiped out by death, so don't get too carried away during your earthly time, Bub.

The above is NOT a vanitas painting. Pictured above is: Number 9: Freedom from Earth's Restrictions by Mary Gravelle, 24" x 24", mixed media, framed, $1,100. For purchase information, call 575-956-7315 or email Link to buy it online.

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